Creating “Photo Letters” in Photoshop

I created the cover page for our Walt Disney World album in Photoshop CS. The layout idea is scraplifted from a two-page layout by Tricia Kennedy that is published in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of scrapbooks etc. magazine. I loved the clean, simple design and use of “extra” photos to create part of the title.

WDW 2007 - album title page

Open a new layout. Size as desired. Mine is 8″x8″ at 300 pixels.

Type the text you would like to change to photo letters. Adjust the font and size as desired.

Creating Photo Letters - step 2

Change the opacity of the text layer so that you will be able to “see” your images as you locate them.

Create new layers below the text layer for your images. One image per layer will allow you more flexibility it shifting the images.

Open an image you would like to use. Resize it as needed. Copy/paste into one of your image layers in your layout. Use the Move tool to locate the image where you would like it. For example, I shifted the photo of Mike Wazowski so the pupil of his eye would be visible.

After the images are arranged how you want them, merge the image layers together.

Creating Photo Letters - step 6

Return the opacity on the text layer to 100%. Then, move the image layer above the text layer.

Creating Photo Letters - step 7

Select the image layer so that it is highlighted. Now, hold down the CTRL key while pressing the G key. You will notice a little bent arrow next to the layer image in the Layers Manager.

Creating Photo Letters - step 8

This action creates a clipping mask using your text as the mask. This is the result:

Creating Photo Letters - DISNEY

Note: I added a black background to the last image for easier viewing. 🙂

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