Small Space Organization: Scrap Space Nook

The “nook” is my nickname for the bit of “leftover” space between the closet and window in our scrapping/computer room (see bottom right corner of the floor plan). The house was new construction and owned by the builder before we bought it. While walking through, both Trent & I had the same thought when we saw this funny little space – it would be the perfect spot for the litter box and be a great spot for built-in shelving.

The first part was easy. The shelving, however, we didn’t get around to until February 2005 – almost 2 years after we bought the house. The project took very little supplies. Some wood shelves and 1x4s from Lowes plus white glossy paint. Cutting and fitting the shelves was a bit more challenging because we quickly discovered how unsquare the walls were! The end result was worth the effort. Now we have a great spot to store some memorabilia, photo albums, and books. Although, I confess I do occasionally eye it for additional scrapbook supply storage. 😉

For decoration on the small wall between the nook and the closet, I selected 3 of my favorite postcards I’ve received and framed them in simple clip frames. The frames are 5×7 and I backed each postcard with black cardstock to help unify the images.

** For details on how to build the shelving, see my “how to” post here. **

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11 comments on “Small Space Organization: Scrap Space Nook

  1. What a great space! It all looks so pretty, too:) You will likely never see me tout my space on my blog. Unfinished basements do not attractive spaces make, lol.

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