Project Complete: Laundry Closet

After work I picked up the final piece for our laundry closet renovation: the Whirlpool Work Surface. Now that it’s in place, the room is complete and I have before & after photos to share.

First, a look at the closet two weeks ago. On the upper left side, the step ladder hung on a pair of screws. I bumped it multiple times over the years while loading clothes in the washer and it fell on my head – not fun at all. There were 2 wire shelves along the back wall. Everything was shoved up there and, like the step ladder, items would fall on your head when you tried to get something down. Again, not fun. I really should have worn my hard hat in there. 😉 Then on the right side, we kept two folding chairs between the wall and dryer. Otherwise, that space was wasted.

Laundry Closet: Before

After selling the old washer & dryer and removing the shelving, we cleaned and repainted the room. It’s now a nice off-white with a slight yellow hue. The new washer & dryer allows us a bit of extra wall space above and the work surface on top of them provides for a spot to fold laundry as well as holding the detergent & dryer sheets.

Laundry Closet: After
Instead of 2 shelves on the back wall, we have 3 shelves plus one on the right side. All are on standards & adjustable so we can change them in the future as our needs change. While we did clear out a few miscellaneous items we no longer needed, the closet holds 90% of what was in it before and a few additional items. If you look on the bottom shelf where the Clorox & old detergent bottle are, you’ll see we still have some space to fill.

Finally, the step ladder and 2 chairs are hanging on the left wall on a ladder hanger. Now all 3 are out of the way and they won’t come crashing down on me. 😉

Doing the laundry is almost enjoyable now. Certainly less stressful since I can open those doors and not see a mess (or have items falling on me!). And, to top it all off – we came in under our budget.

After we sold our first house in 2012, we gained a spacious new laundry room in the “foreclosure” house. Take a peek here.


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12 comments on “Project Complete: Laundry Closet

  1. Good job! I think we need to clean and re-organize our laundry room, but it's been as is for so long there are likely multiple creepy-crawlings hanging out in there since it's an enclosed porch off the house and made mostly of wood.

    I could probably have the bestest laundry room in the world and I still wouldn't enjoy doing laundry. hahaha
  2. Maybe if I forward this to my DH it'll inspire him to work on our garage:)

    Your laundry area looks great! I definitely think there's a ladder hanger in our future too...who knew they made those?!

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