Cat Squares

The fancy name for my newest creation ->

I made 6 cat squares last night. Only 1 is truly finished. I wanted to see what reaction my cats had to it. They are my product testers. 😉

Here’s the line-up so far. Aren’t they adorable?

And Chester enjoying the square. Cali managed to get a sniff and then he was all over it. Rubbing, licking and rolling.

If that wasn’t enough proof he loved their his new toy, he is currently laying ON it while taking a nap. I can’t even see it anymore. Guess it’s comfy too. 😉

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12 comments on “Cat Squares

  1. oooh so cute! If I had a cat, I would buy one. Is it Catnip in it? oh, then I looked at the comments and saw the answer to my question. :)

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