It’s a ….

ultrasound: our son!

… boy! 🙂

The little guy checked out perfectly. Measuring on schedule. Heartbeat 142. And very much like his mom – lots of energy. He moved around the entire time.

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29 comments on “It’s a ….

  1. Wow, 65% of us were wrong! ;) (re: your vote thingy)

    Congratulations on your little bundle of BLUE! :)

    Continuing to hope all the best for you.
  2. Aw, that little guy is going to look so handsome in all that CAROLINA blue!! :) We can't wait to meet our little nephew!!

  3. congrats!!! he will be just as cool as cousin! hahaha

    im sure he will be a duke fan ...and i guess a state fan


    love ya!

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