Small Space Organization {Entry / Mudroom}

I love seeing photos of the mudrooms in houses – beautiful, well organized spaces. In our little home, the only entry is our front door. The foyer area is small which limited options, but we managed to create a little bit of a mudroom space without a cluttered look.

Front door with key rack and bench:

Directly across from the front door are the coat closet (door handle on the left) and the secretary (a wonderful catch place for my purse & other extras):

The bi-fold doors in the background house our laundry closet.

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8 comments on “Small Space Organization {Entry / Mudroom}

  1. I like what you've done with it! The key rack is perfect for your space, as is the little bench. I'm admiring your hardwood floors. We used to have all hardwood in our old we only have it in the kitchen, and I miss it!
  2. Enjoyed the wedding and hockey layouts. Also, love the small space theme. We have a small front door hall entryway and a back door laundry room with only room enough to open the doors to it and to the porch outside. Not much room at all to put any furniture out. You've been smart with your space. xoxo
  3. Great job with a little space! Our laundry room is our mud area; there's JUST enough room for a "boot box," otherwise known as a wrapping paper box...long and thin b/c it fits in the space and we have lots of boots around here;)

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