Nursing Cover

My second project of the weekend was to make my own nursing cover. I had originally planned to purchase one and found a range of prices from $22 to $60. When I came across a free pattern online, I decided to give it a try myself.

I purchased 2 complementary fabrics – the floral pattern for the body of the cover and a teal colored fabric for the straps. On one of the inside lower corners, I sewed in a baby washcloth to create a little pocket for extra nursing pads or for use as a baby facial wipe. The total cost was about $12.

Click on either photo to enlarge.

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7 comments on “Nursing Cover

  1. Okay so I have no Idea what that really is?? Guess I'm really old but really cool that you made it yourself and saved so much..I get the general Idea I think?? You are such a resourceful young lady!!!
  2. well, wtg, gf! And it's so cute too. You are so organized, frugal and talented, it's amazing! Baby Boy Coggins is going to be one lucky little guy!

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