Ribbon Blanket

On Friday I stopped by the fabric store to pick up supplies for several projects (mostly baby related, of course). The first one I tackled fairly quickly yesterday morning. I made this cute little blanket:

It’s approximately 16×16 with a printed flannel front, green minky dot chenille fabric back and colorful ribbons attached to all four sides.

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14 comments on “Ribbon Blanket

  1. Sarah, this is cute cute cute!! he is going to love it! Oh I remember my days sewing all day when I was waiting for my little Seth to arrive!!!
  2. Oh, my - I looove this! You've been busy - nesting, I think! Beautiful job with this!

    BTW, could you please email me w/your snail mail addy? (toners@wispertel.net) - thanks! x
  3. LOVE it! William really likes his blanket and toy that have tags or ribbons hanging off all the sides. Some smart person realized that often the tags are the baby's favorite part of the object and started putting them all the way around, lol:)

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