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  1. Do you have it narrowed down to just a few names? When I named my daughter I couldn't think of anything I liked. Then when I wasn't thinking about it at all it hit me and I knew exactly what her name would be. I remember I was playing with sidewalk chalk with Alec when I chose Alyssa's name :)
  2. I understand about that! It's ok to wait! We had a couple of names picked out before we went to the hospital (weren't sure of the sex so we had 2 of each). I had a C-section, and as soon as my husband saw her, he knew which name was right for her. :-)
  3. sometimes you need to see baby to know what his name is! :)

    but don't be like my aunt who waited til baby was almost 2 months old before she named her!! WHICH DROVE ME NUTS! (and in the end the name she choice was not one that any of us liked. lol oh well)

    (and I always thought you couldn't leave the hospital til you named the baby????? guess not!!!!)
  4. We had a name all picked out for Natalie (it was Jennifer), and then 2 weeks before she was born, we heard Natalie Merchant singing on the radio in the grocery store - then we changed our minds!

    I bet "the one" will come to you when you least expect it :)
  5. Stay away from musical instruments like Banjo, fruits like Apple, Coco and classes in college like Audio Science, other than all are pretty much adorable!
  6. Sarah you are much calmer about this then me.. i would be in a panic.. but some people wait till they see the baby.. oh i can't wait to find out.. working on something but i want to find out before i send it..

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