Handprint Turkey

Since our ghost footprint plaque was so much fun to make but had to be packed up until next fall, my son and I got together with some friends, and pulled out the paints again to make a new plaque to hang in it’s place.  Ready to give the house a festive look for Thanksgiving is our Handprint Turkey:

Handprint Turkey Plaque

Isn’t he adorable? My favorite part is how excited my son gets about it. If you ask him where his turkey handprint is, he’ll point directly at it and babble excitedly. Sometimes a few claps are thrown in too. 🙂 Adorable.

On the back, is a cute little poem we found on the internet (not exactly sure where credit is due since I found it in multiple searches):

Handprint Turkey Plaque: Poem on Back

We altered it slightly (changing “It comes with” to “It’s made with”), printed it onto cardstock, handwrote each boy’s name, date & age and adhered using mod podge.

Supplies: wooden plaque (6-3/4″ diameter); acrylic paints; paint brushes; coordinating ribbon; staple gun; white cardstock; Mod Podge.

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