Handprint Christmas Tree Plaque

Last week, my son and I got together with friends to make our Christmas plaque.  I had searched online for ideas of what to do and settled on a simple straightforward design – a single handprint tree:

Handprint Christmas Tree Plaque
The downside to this design – he wanted to do more than just put one handprint on it!  My boy loves to paint now. Thankfully, my friend Stacey, smartly kept some extra plaques we let the boys freestyle paint on after their making their Turkeys last month. With those plus dry, clean brushes, both boys sat on the floor and “painted” to their heart’s content.

Toddlers "Painting"
She even put cardboard under them to “protect” the floor from their imaginary paint.  So stinkin’ cute!  They won’t fall for this trick too much longer, but it worked to get us through this round of plaques.  While the boys worked on their masterpieces, we moms could add the finishing details to our projects.

Supplies: wooden plaque; acrylic paints; brushes; Mod Podge; picture hanger.

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