A Birthday Full of Cars

Our neighbor turned 3 over the weekend and loves cars so what better than a race car birthday card?

Race Car Birthday Card

Supplies: Stampin’ Up cardstock, inks & Celebrate stamp; Provo Craft sticker.

I had planned to give him a car to go along with it.  He loves the Hot Wheels/Matchbox type cars and has quite the collection.  That latter part is what stopped me … he has so many so maybe another car isn’t the best idea.  Then I remembered 2 things.  One, I’ve seen him get in and out of the car with hands overflowing with the cars he’s taken between home and his grandparents, etc.  Two, a while back I saw a great tutorial on another blog for making a Car Caddy.  Aha!  The perfect gift for the boy that loves cars.  Now he has a good way to tote a few with him and has a little play space to go along with it.  I see another one of these in the future for Dylan.  It’s just so cute!

Car caddy folded up and ready for travel:

Car Caddy: Closed

Unfolded and ready for play (cars store in the pockets at the bottom):

Car Caddy: Open

Supplies: assorted fabric from my stash; interfacing (I used to stiffen it up since my fabrics were thinner than those in the tutorial); felt; thread; velcro; acrylic paint

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5 comments on “A Birthday Full of Cars

  1. We have all been so impressed with Luke's car tote! He is using it to transport his treasures back and forth from home to Nana & Pops! Even Pop is impressed. I held about 20 cars this morning!

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