Once Upon a Potty

Dylan has taken an interest in recent weeks in using the potty. He got the idea from my mom during her last visit and has been overeager at times to try. After having a temper tantrum one day when I wouldn’t let him (no kidding!), I took him shopping for his own special seat and stool.

Yesterday he asked as he often does to sit. I agreed and handed him his copy of Once Upon a Potty to look at. I expected his usual, sit for a moment & look at the book, then ready to get up and return to playing. I took the moment to snap a picture with my iPhone. Much to my surprise, moments later he actually succeeded in using the potty for the very first time. There was a lot of cheering and high-fives. Then I treated him to M&M’s. I don’t expect full potty training success for a while (he’s only 20 months and truthfully I hadn’t even planned to start until he was at least 2-1/2). We only try when he wants to. But I do hope yesterday’s success and celebration help encourage him.

potty training: april 2011 digital scrapbooking page

Supplies: Sweet Caroline Studio’s Weathered Frames 2; Simply Tiffany Design’s Tears Set 1; Miss Mint’s Kindergarten kit; argyle paper & word strips my own design; Chaparral Pro & Jenkins v2.0 fonts.

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