DIY Toddler Belt

Dylan has been very long and very slender since birth. This can make fitting pants & shorts a challenge as those that might be the correct size for length are too big for his waist. And finding a toddler belt is also challenge.

simple DIY Toddler Belt

Thus, I was thrilled when I stumbled across a tutorial on another blog a few months ago – make happy: toddler/preschooler “i can do it!” belt. During an afternoon nap I whipped up the belt and he’s been proudly wearing it ever since. He loves that like Dada and Mama, he too has a belt. 😉

simple DIY Toddler Belt

Supplies: 1″ belting; 5/8″ striped ribbon; D-ring (here I lucked out as I had 2 left from my nursing cover project when I was pregnant!); velcro; thread.

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7 comments on “DIY Toddler Belt

  1. I am SO glad you posted this. Things are out of control with Curtis's pants, and I was going to ask you where this tutorial was again. But now I have it bookmarked! hooray!
  2. My Dylan has the same problem. I discovered that if I buy most of his pants at Target, they have adjustable waistbands on the inside. It was a great discovery- especially for me! I'm rather time challenged when it comes to having time for crafts! :) Great idea though!

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