Shoot and Edit: Red, White & Blue edit

My original photo needed a little punch of color. Sounds funny, I know, but comparing the edit to the original I could really see how dull the SOOC shot was.

I kept my edit simple again [it’s my style clearly 🙂 ]. Started with Ashley’s Nice & Easy action and tweaked each layer. Merged. Then tried the step she taught this week about using the marquee tool & free transform. I had no idea! Love that. Along with a bit of cloning, I was able to remove some of the background noise on the right hand side.

I would have loved to remove the metal chair arm in the bottom right, but everything I did looked too fake. I couldn’t just leave it as it was too shiny & distracting so I added a new brightness/contrast layer. I adjusted both then used the layer mask to remove it from all other areas of the photo. Subtle, but definitely helped.

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