Tissue Paper Pumpkins

In March, our playgroup decorated shamrock outlines with tissue paper. It was such a fun and easy project, I decided to try it again yesterday with my son and my niece.

Tissue Paper Pumpkins: supplies

Supplies – clear contact paper, pumpkin outline, bits of colored tissue paper

I hand sketched pumpkins onto red-orange paper. Then used my x-acto to cut them out. I stuck the pumpkin outlines to clear contact paper and put one in front of each child along with a small pile of colored tissue paper bits.

(2 years) started on his and then got distracted. L (12.5 months) wasn’t quite sure what to do so I held up a few pieces and let them drop to her pumpkin and encouraged her to press them down. This turned it into a game and got her involved as well as regained his interest in the project – dropping tissue paper bits is fun!

Tissue Paper Pumpkins: in progress

She also enjoyed dropping tissue paper on the floor while her cousin worked on his pumpkin.

Once they both bored of the project, I took away their pumpkins, sealed them with another sheet of clear contact paper and trimmed around the edges. We hung the pumpkins on the sliding glass door to enjoy.

Tissue Paper Pumpkins complete

Completed tissue paper pumpkins – his on left and hers on right.

They look so pretty hanging up with the light shining through!

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