Infant Car Seat Cover

When Dylan was little, I used to cover his infant car seat with a receiving blanket when we were out and about. Since he was a summer baby, the lightweight fabric worked well at protecting him from the bright sun, helping him to nap and just plain keeping out nosey people (it’s amazing how strangers think they can just stick their face up in your baby’s!). The only real downfall was when it was windy and the blanket would blow off.

Knowing that my friend Allison’s son is due to arrive in December and colder weather, I decided an infant car seat cover would make a great gift. I used a cotton print lined with a cozy flannel to help keep the little one warm but not too warm as I imagine he’ll still get a nice blanket tucked in with him. 🙂

And it has a pair of ties to secure it to the seat so it won’t blow away.

I based my design on a couple of tutorials I found online – Sutton Grace: Infant Seat Canopy Cover and Make it Do: Baby Car Seat Cover Tutorial.

Supplies: 1-1/3 yard of each fabric, thread, velcro.

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