Half Bath Shelving

During one of my many Pinterest browsing moments, I saw this image:

I knew immediately I wanted to do something similar in our half bath on the first floor. The layout is nearly identical and we could really use the storage space of built in shelving. Somehow our once remotely tidy bathroom has taken on a new, cluttered life now that we are in the age of potty training.

Half Bath: Built-in Shelving before

Many years ago, Trent & I made our own built in shelving for the nook that is in what’s now Dylan’s room. I confess, this time, all I did was pull one measurement (the width of the back wall) and then Dylan & I went shopping at Lowe’s. That’s right, no drawings. Just one measurement and a mental sketch. Really, this type of built-in is that simple – a few cuts, a few screws, a little touch-up and it’s done.

Now, instead of a cluttered space, our half bath has a new tidy look:

Half Bath: Built-in Shelving after

All of the decorating elements were from around the house except the green ceramic planter and the carved frame both on the top shelf. Those I found this week at a thrift store for a combined total of $3.50! Seeing the “full” view in the after photo, I think I might make one more purchase – a dark brown trash can.

Want to build your own shelves for your bathroom or other small space like our “nook”? Find my tutorial here.


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9 comments on “Half Bath Shelving

  1. I saw that on Pinterest, too & want to do it above my toilet in our master bath. Love how you did yours! What type of wood did you use? And how did you attach it to the wall?
    • All of the wood was pine. I did buy nicer pieces for the front of the shelves since it is the most visible. Attached to the wall using screws. I'm working on a post to run later this week that will detail how I built them. :)
  2. I saw it and I think I also pinned it. My 1/2 bath looks similar. there is a cabinet above the toilet that was there when we moved here, and we kept it but it's almost too big for the bathroom. I like the shelves, but I'm afraid it would look more cluttered if I did that in my bathroom. also, did you know they have toilet seats now with built in potty seats??
    • I have seen those seats. Unfortunately, we had already bought 2 as shown by the time I learned of them. The beauty of these shelves is you can build them to the size & depth you want so they can fit your bathroom. Mine are 10" deep.

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