Marble Painting

My friend, Allison, shared the idea of marble painting and I quickly bookmarked it to try with Dylan. As it happened, his neighborhood buddy was over recently so I tried it with both boys. I was impressed with how easily they grasped the concept (you never can be sure at this age) and how much time they spent on it.


  • paper
  • paint
  • marble(s)
  • small cardboard tray

We did our painting outdoors simply because it was perfect weather – too nice to be inside. They really made little mess beyond their fingers. I gave each boy a small cardboard tray with a sheet of paper cut to size and a marble. Then they shared a small tray of paint (less for me to clean up!).

Marble Painting: In Progress

Then they dipped their marble into the paint, placed on the paper and tilted their tray to send the marble rolling around the paper. This was fun to watch. Dylan was very serious about it (notice the concentration in the above photo). His friend was a little more relaxed and even did a bit of finger painting.

Marble Painting: Detail

Both boys ended up with beautiful works of art. And since Dylan enjoyed it so much, we repeated the process a few days later to create Mother’s Day cards for his grandmothers.

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