Monster Pizzas

Looking for a fun Halloween inspired food idea for our playgroup when my son & I hosted earlier in the month, I came across a recipe for Monster Pizzas. We changed it up a bit, but kept the same general concept. The boys all loved creating their own special pizzas.


English Muffins
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Mini pepperoni
Red, green & yellow peppers in various sizes

I gave each toddler half an English muffin and added the sauce for those that wanted it. Then let them top with cheese.

Monster Pizza Party: Pizza Making

Next I brought over a divided plate of peppers and mini pepperoni to top their pizzas and create the faces. I got mixed reactions. To be expected from toddlers. 🙂

Monster Pizza Party: Toppings

My son loves his veggies – especially peppers. He made a face but kept eating the green pepper nose before I could snap a photo. Red pepper hair (or eyebrows?), mini pepperoni eyes and yellow pepper mouth:

Monster Pizza Party

Then ate off all the veggies before I could nab the pizzas and put them on a tray to warm in the oven. Thus his is the “ate all my veggies” pizza.

Monster Pizza Party: Baked

The lunch was a hit. I think almost every bite of pizza was eaten plus a good amount of fresh fruit (bananas, apples & strawberries). Of course, the promise of mini pumpkin cupcakes for dessert might have helped …

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Candy Corn toppers

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