Last year, in February I think it was, I stumbled across Draw a Dinosaur Day. It’s an annual event on January 30th where you draw a dinosaur of course. Dylan and I started on our dinosaur fun last week as we stayed in from the cold and recovering from colds. Must do something to entertain.

I started our projects by handing Dylan a sheet of yellow construction paper and his box of crayons. I simply instructed him to draw a dinosaur. We talked about whether his dinosaur would be tall, have big teeth, have spikes, etc. I loved the result …

Draw A Dinosaur Day 2013

He helped explain it to me. The top right is, of course, the face. Notice the eyes, nose and smile. To the left are a series of spikes. As we discussed his drawing, an idea hit me. I had seen a number of pins on Pinterest regarding turning your child’s art into a stuffed toy. At first I thought I might try that and then the idea quickly switched to a pillow.

Dylan helped me pick the fabric and trace his drawing onto freezer paper which I used to create a template. I cut out the design and sewed the outline & face. Then created the pillow sham to fit an existing pillow form I had.

Draw A Dinosaur Day 2013: Pillow

Truthfully, I think I’m more in love with it than he is and that’s ok. I put it in our family room to photograph (better lighting than his room) and it has stayed. It actually goes well with the color scheme and is a fun little conversational piece.

Supplies: all from stash – freezer paper, cotton fabrics, iron on adhesive and stabilizer, Coats & Clark thread

2 Thoughts on “Draw a Dinosaur Day

  1. That is just the most adorable thing! I seriously love the way the pillow turned out, it’s like art! :) Too cute and such a good idea.

  2. That’s really sweet!! good idea!

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