DIY Sandbox Lid/Bench

After adding the sandbox to our playset last week, I starting thinking about a lid to keep out larger leaves & sticks as well as visiting animals when it isn’t in use. A quick search of “DIY sandbox lid” and I had my answer – a lid that opens to form a bench on each end.

There is a great tutorial on Ana White’s site about how to build a complete sandbox with the lid/bench. We already had the box so I took measurements and worked on a design to fit ours. I drew up a plan in AutoCAD to determine exactly how many pieces of lumber and what sizes we needed.

Sandbox Lid & Bench: Supplies

The entire project from start to finish took just over 3 hours to build.

Sandbox Lid & Bench: Closed

Sandbox Lid & Bench: Open

Our son was more than happy to jump in and try it out once complete.

Sandbox Lid & Bench: Play

Eventually I plan to stain it to match the rest of the playset. For now, it’s built and we’re enjoying it!

Cost: approximately $90

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7 comments on “DIY Sandbox Lid/Bench

  1. I just love this! I might have to put my husband to work figuring out the measurements for ours. He made a cover for ours, but I'm thinking it now should be made of wood and have benches. :-) Great job! It looks awesome!
    • It doesn't keep all the bugs out, but does keep out most of the leaves and, of course, larger animals. My son gets excited when we open it and he finds frogs hiding in the sand.

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