Bloggy Boot Camp – Charlotte #BBCChar

This weekend, my friend Allison and I are headed to Charlotte for our first blog conference. We’ve both talked about doing this for some time but kept putting it off for one reason or another. Finally, we nudged each other and bought our tickets a few months ago for Bloggy Boot Camp.

My new business cards I created specifically for the conference arrived yesterday. Minus a slight graininess (maybe I should choose glossy instead of matte next time?), they look great.

I’ll be packing those, of course. My MacBook Pro. A notebook and pen. For those that have been there done that – anything else I need? Advice for us?

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4 comments on “Bloggy Boot Camp – Charlotte #BBCChar

  1. Sounds like fun!! I would love to go to something like that. Admittedly, I haven't been blogging much lately, and I'm not even sure anyone still reads my blog(s)!
    • It was fun! I highly recommend checking one out if you can - great chance to connect and meet other bloggers plus get ideas of what's next for you. I still pop in. :) Just not as good at reading as I was (need to improve that!).

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