Cinco de Mayo Piñata Fun

I finally got around to scrapping photos from last year’s Cinco de Mayo party last night. This was the first time Dylan & his friends had seen (experienced?) a piñata. So funny to watch. I think they were quite excited at being allowed to hit this crazy thing with a bat and then weren’t quite sure what to do when it broke and treats fell out. They figured it out pretty quickly. 😉

Cinco de Mayo 2012 digital scrapbooking page

Supplies: PhotoStory templates Set 3 by Mary Moseley; Kraft Fun Day by Robyn Meierotto.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 comments on “Cinco de Mayo Piñata Fun

  1. Oh man this makes me so sad that we're not doing the party this year. I'll definitely have to schedule a make-up cinco de mayo party! Maybe cinco de June-o...or de July-o. We'll see!
    • We'll hold you to it next year. ;) Seriously, no worries. While I love it - our weekend was so hectic this year I'm doubtful we would have made it. Next year, you'll find me at your house for sure!

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