Preschool 3s Class Photo Book

As my son’s 4th birthday approached, I realized that our days in his 3s class at preschool were numbered and I decided to create a photo book to highlight some of his activities and art work. I uploaded all of the photos to Shutterfly, started with the ‘School Days‘ style and edited as I went. Here’s a sampling of the final product …

Threes Class Photo Book: Front Cover

Front cover using ‘School Days’ style

Threes Preschool Photo Book: March

Seuss Week and St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Threes Preschool Photo Book: July

July 4th art projects and his class birthday celebration

Threes Preschool Photo Book: Artwork

Art Projects from throughout the year

Threes Preschool Photo Book: Back Cover

Back cover – photo of name he handwrote in class

Now that I’ve done this and know I want to do one for the upcoming year, I’ve already started uploading photos into a “4s Class” folder so I can begin putting it together as the year progresses rather than all at once after. Whether you want to do the same for this school year or catch up on a previous year, here are some tips to keep it easy & get it done …

  1. Organize photos into a single folder with a recognizable name. For example, I have an album on my iPhone titled “Dylan – 4s Class” so I can find any photos I’ve quickly snapped during visits in his classroom. I have similarly named folder on Shutterfly where I upload the photos too so I can find them all in one easy step.
  2. A picture tells a thousand words. Don’t worry if you don’t have the full story or exact date especially on the artwork. For the 3s Class Photo Book, I created some holiday pages (“Easter Art”, “Winter Projects”, etc) and at the end had two pages that were simply a collage of artwork throughout the year that didn’t have a set page.
  3. Consider letting your child help. Have them pick a few favorite photos and/or select the design for a page.

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