A Goofy Birthday?

A bit of an early (Thursday) throwback today in honor of my sister’s birthday.

Breakfast with Goofy at the Contemporary in Walt Disney World: 1984

This photo was too cute not to share. That’s Mary on the left and me on the right with Goofy at a character breakfast at the Contemporary Resort in April 1984. Our first trip to Walt Disney World. Before today I never realized that 1) apparently she got a birthday trip there [dear parents, where was my birthday trip to Disney?? 😉 ]; 2) that lady in the background looks terrified of Goofy. Did she miss the memo it was a character breakfast? and 3) what’s up with Goofy’s eyelashes? I honestly don’t recall them looking quite like that on my visit last year.

In all seriousness, a very happy birthday to my little sister! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and celebrating your birthday again.

Mary's Birthday: April 2014

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