The Word that Makes Me Cringe

I used to simply laugh (okay I still sort of do) whenever I saw or heard a certain 5 letter word that made my dear friend, Allison, cringe. Don’t dare use the word around her. It appears it offends others too. I found the perfect example recently while reading Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan:

Words That Make You Cringe

I thought I was free from any sort of word having that power over me. Then it hit me. It comes across in social media A LOT for some reason. I think it’s simply common in the South, though it never was in my family or those around me growing up.

What’s the word? Sissy.

I cringe every time someone (usually a mom) uses that word to describe a girl. Typically her own daughter.

I know their meaning is supposed to be an affectionate form of ‘sister.’ I know. But I can not separate the word from the main definition: n. A person regarded as effeminate or cowardly. adj. Feeble and cowardly. (source: Oxford Dictionaries) So the thought that runs through my head every time (after the cringe) is why, why would you call your child that?

Do you have a word that makes you cringe? Dare to share? Let me know in the comments. I promise to try to refrain from using it around you. [Keyword “try” – right, Allison? 😉  ]

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