Big Brother & Little Sister Shirts

I knew I wanted my son to have a special “Big Brother” shirt for when his baby sister arrived. Something he could wear proudly and show off his new status. I also thought it would be cute if she had a matching shirt with “Little Sister.”

Big Brother LittleSister Shirts

I decided to keep the idea simple and use the tried & true freezer paper stencil method. I created the text in Photoshop (although you could do this in most word/text programs too). Printed out, traced onto the freezer paper and hand cut.

Little Sister Shirt: Iron On Freezer Paper Stencil

Next I ironed the freezer paper to the shirts and painted in the letters. I decided to use 3 colors of fabric paint with 1 color to be the same on each. Knowing that his favorite colors are currently blue & orange, I started with those for the big brother shirt. Then chose a light purple shade to use with the blue on hers. I loved the way they came out with their own unique look, but still coordinated.

Big Brother Little Sister Shirts: Painting

Typically I buy shirts for projects like these from the craft stores, but recently I’ve had difficulty finding the smaller sizes and most are short sleeve. I wanted long sleeve knowing she was due in late October and hoping both could wear their shirts a few times. I ended up going to Old Navy. I had used one of their plain long sleeve white t-shirts for his Valentine Robot shirt last spring and was very pleased with how well it held up.

The entire project from shirts to paint cost me less than $15.

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