Painted Wooden Initials

Ever since completing the makeover on our small coat closet, I have wanted to add initials over the hooks for each of our children.

Small Wooden Initials: Letter D

Of course, when working on it, we didn’t have a name picked for Elise so I didn’t know what 2nd letter to purchase. Thus I waited. Fast forward to the end of the year and looking multiple places but not finding anything that really struck me as the “right” fit.

Then I saw a post on Simply Kierste with the cutest wooden letters used for Christmas ornaments which sent me running back to Michaels for another look. I wasn’t able to find the same style, but I did find some I liked and, at 99c each, they were a bargain.

Small Wooden Initials: before

I painted them dark blue with some leftover spray paint in the garage. After they dried, Dylan & I used sand blocks to scuff them up just a bit for a little character (which was a good 2 weeks later as I got distracted with other things!). 😉

Small Wooden Initials: painting & sanding

Next I added a coat of Mod Podge to seal them and add a tiny bit of a shiny finish before drilling holes and nailing them over the hooks in the closet.

Small Wooden Initials: adding Mod Podge

I literally used one long nail in each since I was nailing them directly to the studs.

Small Wooden Initials

Simple, quick, easy and we have a fun little decorative feature over each hook.

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