Project 52 Photos: Self-Portrait

This week’s Project 52 challenge was Self-Portrait. Earlier in the week I shared one photo on Instagram. I was playing around with a few options. When the time came to choose, I decided to share a photo I took with my son last Saturday during the annual Durham Bulls Fan Fest.

We had already spent time checking out the sales in the store (my daughter got her first Bulls tee and my son got the new hat he’s wearing in the photo). Trent & D had spent some time on the field playing catch.

Durham Bulls Fan Fest 2015: Playing Catch

We bought tickets for a game in May during D’s next track out break from school. Then finally stopped to eat lunch.

Project 52 Photos: Week 10 Self Portrait

I laugh as I look at this photo I quickly took of the two of us. I was focused on getting a shot with us looking at the camera and smiling. I missed that D was holding his hot dog in his hand (yes, he eats the dog plain first and then the bun) and the trash can photobomb.

After lunch I had Trent take a picture of me with both kids since I end up behind the camera so often. I’m trying to make an effort to get in front of it and “exist” in our photo albums & scrapbooks.


Join in the fun at any time. Next week’s challenge is Texture. Find the full list on Sarah Halstead’s blog here. Thanks to Sarah, Amy, and Angie for hosting each week.

Project 52 Photos

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