Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

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I love colorful Easter crafts. And easy ones. This project covers both plus isn’t too terribly messy (although you can tell from the photos, we completed it outside). Here’s how we created these beautiful painted eggs.

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs


  • White card stock or poster board
  • Small container or tray
  • Shaving cream
  • Acrylic paint in 2 or more colors
  • Paintbrush or small object to stir with
  • Squeegee or butter knife


Step 1 Start by cutting egg shapes from your card stock or poster board. I just freehand sketched our 4 eggs in pencil and the cut out. If that’s not for you, do a quick search for egg clip art to create a template. Then set aside your cut egg(s).

Step 2 In a small container, squirt enough shaving cream to fill the bottom. It does not have to be deep. You just want the entire bottom of the container covered.

Step 3 Squirt lines of paint on the shaving cream.

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

Step 4 Move a paintbrush back & forth to swirl the paint colors around and get a “marbled” look.

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

It already looks like a masterpiece, doesn’t it?

Step 5 Now comes the fun part, grab the egg cutout(s) from the first step and gently press one face down into the marbled paint. If your container is smaller than your egg(s) like ours, that’s ok. Press part of the egg into the paint, remove it, and then press the non painted portion in.

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

Repeat for the rest of your eggs if you made more than one. Depending on how you move the paper in the marbled paint, you’ll get a different design on each egg. Set them aside to dry for a few minutes.

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

Step 6 Take a squeegee across each egg from top to bottom to remove the excess paint and shaving cream.

Step 7 Set aside and let your eggs dry completely.

Shaving Cream Painted Eggs

After the eggs are dry, use them for decoration. You could frame them to hang. Punch a hole in each and add string to create a garland. Or, what we did – turn them into Easter cards for the grandparents. You can write directly onto the back or glue them to a blank card.

What will you do with your marbled eggs?

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