Foyer Console Table Makeover

Once upon a time in our first home, we had a piece of furniture we used as a buffet in the dining area. When we moved, we realized it wouldn’t fit in either the new kitchen or dining room, but it did fit perfectly in the foyer. Thus, while it still stores our extra placemats and tea cups & saucers among other things, it’s now our foyer console table instead.

Easy Foyer Console Table Makeover

It makes a great catch all as we enter or leave each day as it tends to collect a lot of clutter. I was over seeing this every day when I walked past:

Foyer Console Table Makeover: Before

I knew I wanted a change here. Tidying up for sure. But also something more. When I was offered the opportunity to review knobs from Trinca-Ferro, I knew it was exactly what the console table needed to give it an updated look and also the push I needed to get started on transforming this space.

I began by searching Trinca-Ferro’s website for “the style” of knob I thought might work best. I found several options quickly that I liked and was pleased to see Trinca-Ferro offers an easy compare option so I could see the knobs side by side.

Foyer Console Table Makeover: Trinca-Ferro Knobs Comparison

I ended up selecting the Glass Mirror Melon Knob. Once I made my decision, it was sit back and wait for the shipment to arrive. I thought coming from India I should expect a week or two. Imagine my surprise when the box showed up just days later!

Foyer Console Table Makeover: Glass Knobs

The knobs inside were stunning. I couldn’t wait to put them on the buffet and literally had it done within seconds of opening the box. All I had to do was unscrew the existing knobs and screw on the new glass knobs from Trinca-Ferro.

Foyer Console Table Makeover: Installation of Glass Knobs

That simple change alone made a huge impact on the look of the console table. Finally something worthy of being in our entry:

Foyer Console Table Makeover: After

Of course, it also finally gave me the push to tidy up and redecorate the space. I “shopped” our home for pieces that would work on the table top. Then did a little retail shopping plus a small DIY project to complete the wall decor.

Foyer Wall Decor Collage

If you are looking to refresh or update a piece of furniture or cabinetry in your home, take a look at the full line of knobs offered by Trinca-Ferro. They have a large selection including ceramic and metal options. You could order all the same style like I did or have fun and order a mixture to give your piece a totally different feel and vibe.

Disclosure: I received 6 free knobs of my choosing from Trinca-Ferro for review. The opinions expressed are are strictly my own.

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