15 Minute (no sew!) DIY Necktie Shirt

We’re two weeks to the end of school and my son’s kindergarten class has been counting down using the alphabet. For ‘N’ day last Friday, the theme of the day was “Neckties & Necklaces.”

15 Minute (no sew!) DIY Necktie Tee

The only tie he has is a clip-on bow tie that belonged to my brother when he was little. It’s borrowed and not really the best fit for a hot June day. Especially one spent at school.

As I tucked him into bed on Thursday night (yes, this was 8pm the night before – I’m a tad crazy like that at times), I had a moment similar to one a couple years ago when I decided last minute to make him a shirt for the next day. This time faster and no sew.

I quickly dug through his drawer and found a simple solid blue t-shirt I had purchased from a consignment sale a few months ago for $1. Besides the price, the shirt is actually stained if you look closely, so all the better to use for a DIY project. I asked him what color necktie he wanted and he told me “red, white & blue.” Lucky him, I had the perfect fabric in my stash. I kissed him goodnight and headed into my craft room to put together his shirt.

15 Minute (no sew!) DIY Necktie Tee: Supplies

I grabbed the t-shirt, dug around for the fabric, and pulled out Heat ‘n Bond Ultrahold. This last item is what makes the project no sew. Simply open it up, sketch your design onto the back (smooth) side. I freehanded the tie shape, but, if you aren’t comfortable doing so, you can trace a pattern or design. After the drawing is complete, cut it out just beyond your lines.

15 Minute (no sew!) DIY Necktie Tee: Design

Iron the design onto the wrong side of fabric following package instructions.

15 Minute (no sew!) DIY Necktie Tee: Iron on Design

Then cut out the design along the lines you drew – this way you get nice, clean cut edges. Gently peel off the backing paper. Position design onto t-shirt in desired location and iron into place.

15 Minute (no sew!) DIY Necktie Tee

Wear and enjoy!

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2 comments on “15 Minute (no sew!) DIY Necktie Shirt

    • Thanks! Yes, double win there. I should have mentioned I actually noticed the stain before purchasing and typically find it rude to sell stained clothing - BUT ... at $1 and knowing that he would probably get it dirty himself between school and after school programs? It was worth buying. More so now that I've turned it into a cute shirt. ;)

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