LEGO Pirate Party Invitations

For Dylan’s LEGO Pirate Party a couple weeks ago, I made the invitations myself.

I was inspired by this design by Delia Creates. We had already purchased a couple pirate style minifigures from the “Build a Mini” tower at the Lego Store locally to use for the goody bags. I positioned one of the minifigures onto a white foam board from the dollar store. [I love this foam board for photography because 1) it’s cheap at a dollar per board and 2) it has a matte finish.] Then snapped a couple of photos leaving a good bit of white space to add the invitation text.

Lego Pirate Party: Minifigure Photo

In Photoshop, cropped the image to 4×6 300ppi and removed the background. Then added the details including party date & time, location, and, a variation on our typical “no presents” note. [No, we aren’t mean parents – with 3 sets of grandparents plus numerous aunts & uncles, I promise he still gets plenty of gifts.]

Next, I simply printed out the design onto 4×6 photo paper on our home printer. I wanted to add a little pop of color, so I dug around in my scrapbooking paper and selected 3 brightly colored 12×12 sheets. I used a ruler to lay out the lines to cut three 5×7 rectangles from each sheet.

Lego Pirate Party: Invitations Tutorial

Then I glued the photos onto the colored card stock centered left & right, but down just a bit from center, and finished off with a small piece of black polka dotted washi tape.

Lego Pirate Party: Invitations

Finally, I placed them into leftover 5×7 envelopes leftover from our Christmas cards! If you are following along closely, you may notice the only money I spent on these invitations was the lego minifigure and it was actually given away as one of the goodies to attendees.

Simple. Quick. Easy.

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