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The weather started turning cooler yesterday so the four of us headed to a local park for a walk on the greenway and to search for more geocache. At the start of our walk we spotted a couple of deer wandering close to our path and paused to watch.

Deer at Lake Lynn Park - September 2015

Clearly these deer are used to park visitors because they didn’t even glance our way. A small sized crowd had gathered to watch them walking through the water and sniff the foliage for a snack. They disappeared into the vegetation beyond and everyone resumed their walks, bicycle/scooter rides, etc.

We had E in the jogging stroller. I thought she would enjoy the view especially since she could see every dog that passed! Dogs & birds are current favorites. Her big brother even took a turn pushing her. Until he realized how tiring it was. 😉

Greenway walking & geocaching

The stroller was also a plus so Trent could push her on the path while D & I ventured into the woods a bit in search of two geocache. He located the first one pretty quickly once we determined the right area (it helps if you search on the correct side of the path! Oops). The second one had us stumped so we’ll have to go back and search again. Although we had on jeans, the area was a little overgrown and the mosquitos were starting to come out so we decided to leave it for a future find.

Have you been geocaching?

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2 comments on “Geocaching + Nature

    • Definitely give it a shot! Waiting until it cools off is a good idea. I prefer to hunt for those in wooded areas in the winter months - less foliage to fight through making them easier to spot plus no concern with things like poison ivy, ticks, and snakes.

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