Project 52 Photos: Remember

A moment this past week I’m so grateful to have captured so I can remember his joy & excitement over his first visit from the Tooth Fairy:

Project 52 Photos: Week 37 Remember - First Tooth Fairy Visit

After nearly 2 months of wiggling, Dylan finally lost his first tooth! Really lost it. As in he thinks he swallowed it during lunch at school on Tuesday while eating a banana of all things! I laugh at the thought.

That night he wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened to the tooth and stuck it in his pillow in place of the tooth.


Off to sleep we all went. In the morning, he forgot! Seriously. This is why he is fully dressed in the photos I took then. I had the camera in hand when I went to his room and had to remind him to check his pillow. His face lit up and he ran over to the door to see (notice the tiny follower trying to figure out what was going on?).

Project 52 Photos: Week 37 Remember - First Tooth Fairy Visit

He was pretty excited about his gold dollar. Had to check with his dad to make sure it was legit. 😉 And then double checked the pillow to make sure he didn’t miss anything! I reminded him a dollar for loosing a tooth (really loosing it) was a pretty good deal. It was a fun start to our morning and definitely a moment I want to remember. Especially that first photo and the pure joy of the moment.

What does the Tooth Fairy leave at your house? 

Join in the fun at any time. Next week’s challenge is above. Find the full list on Sarah Halstead’s blog here. Thanks to Sarah, Amy, and Angie for hosting each week.

Project 52 Photos

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