Goodbye, friend

We said goodbye this morning to Cali. We were blessed to have her for over 15 years. So many cuddles, purrs, and meows in that time. When my sister & I walked into the SPCA of Wake County in September 2000 searching for a cat for me, I wasn’t sure what we¬†would find. In the corner of the room, a little tortoiseshell cat with a loud meow let us know of her presence as she reached paws out the cage doors to wave at us. I confess, I hesitated for a moment, but thankfully no more and she was headed home with me soon after.

Cali August 2009

Cali – June 2000 to October 2015 | photograph by Chris Oliver

Over the years she was a constant in our family as we adjusted to 4 moves, adopting¬†Chester, and then the births of Dylan & Elise. I will miss that loud meow. The rubs on my legs for attention especially at breakfast & dinner when she would get canned food. Finding her curled up in our bed during the winter months. The pitter patter of her feet as she scurried off from one room to the next – often dodging the kids in the process. Catching her sunbathing in the chair by the bay window in the playroom. The head butts for kisses. The purrs and the “toritude” (tortoiseshell cats definitely have a special attitude).

Thank you for picking me, sweet girl. Have fun with Chester. I’m sure he was ready to pounce on you the moment you arrived at the Rainbow Bridge.

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1 comment on “Goodbye, friend

  1. This was touching - We lost our BO - Black lab 9 weeks ago.. not a day goes by I don't think of him.. with overwhelming sadness and a sweet twist of happy. Thank you for sharing.

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