Corduroy the Bear Crafts

We have a good number of children’s books at home, but somehow Corduroy is not part of it. Thankfully, our local library has several copies so we borrowed one to participate in this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids selection.

Corduroy Bear Book & Watercolors

After reading the story, I downloaded a printable at the Twisty Noodle here. (One of the neat things is it allows for customization of the text so if your child is learning to write their letters, you can change it to dashed lines to trace over.)

Then I handed my son the sheet and watercolors to paint with. At some point when I left him for a moment, a bit of perfectionism frustration must have occurred – hence the wildly painted lines. Although I do love that little smiley face at the top right. 🙂

Corduroy Bear Watercolor

We finished him up nonetheless and added a couple of buttons from my scrapbooking stash to complete his outfit. Imperfect perhaps, but still pretty cute.

For my daughter, I decided to try a different project. I drew my own sketch of Corduroy, taped it to our kids’ table, and then taped a piece of clear contact paper (sticky side up!) on top. We tore pieces of green tissue paper to stick and create his overalls.

Corduroy Bear Tissue Paper Craft

This was another lesson in “go with the flow” doing art with kids. While my son used to love doing these sort of projects at this age, my daughter prefers to just pull the paper off, tear it, and ball it up. So that’s what we did.

Corduroy Bear Tissue Paper Craft

When my son came home from school, he found the project still on the table and took to it immediately carefully finishing filling in the overalls and added 2 pom poms for buttons which I thought was pretty clever.

>> Download a copy of our Corduroy the Bear sketch here to create your own. <<

This post was inspired by the Virtual Book Club for Kids. See their site for the full list of books and visit their Facebook Page for more Corduroy related activities. | Find more of our book related activities here.

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  4. This is adorable. I love book-based activities like this. Thanks for mentioning the Virtual Book Club for Kids, I never heard of it before and will be sure to check it out.

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