A reminder flashed up on my phone yesterday and caught me off guard. You would have been 16 today. Sixteen.

Cali - January 2006

It’s strange to think this is the first time in 15 years that you won’t be here for us to spoil. Strange too that it’s been 8 months since we said goodbye. Time really does pass so quickly.

I remember that day in September 2000 when I when you found me at the SPCA. Your loud meow and little paw waving through the bars on the cage. I thought what a noisy little cat you were. And then you stole my heart. Funny how that works.

I can imagine you here at my side. Enjoying nap time while I type away. Rubbing against my leg and purring loudly for attention while the house is quiet.

Elise, in typical toddler fashion, would be squealing with delight and chasing you one minute. Gently petting you the next.

Dylan would be your buddy now. You two were just getting to the point where he was calm & gentle enough that you liked to sit with him. I bet you’d be sneaking into his room and curling up with him at night rather than sneaking in for a quiet nap alone during the day.

The grief still comes in waves. Particularly for Dylan. It knocks him over and us in turn as we try to help him find his feet and stand up again. I’m never quite sure what will bring it on. One of those little mysteries of life and challenges of parenthood I suppose.

He’s asked for a new cat several times. For now, we continue to say no. I know we’ll eventually change our tune, but it’s not time yet.

I did give in and let the kids get new pets. Two new fish for the aquarium. 😉 Easier upkeep for me. I know you would have enjoyed them. They are bright orange mollies and quite active swimmers. Perfect for watching and pawing at the side of the aquarium to try and “catch.”

I’ll be thinking of you today. I know you are enjoying the beauty of Heaven. Thank you. Thank you for those 15 years. We really were lucky.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.


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