Travel with Kids – Don’t Forget the Toothpaste!

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Summertime is often synonymous with vacation. In our house summer equals everyday routine since our son attends a year round elementary school. Never fear. We still take vacations – we just space out our adventures throughout the year to time with his quarterly track outs. Or, as was the case earlier in the month, during his week off between school years when we squeezed in a trip to see family in Virginia and a visit to the Udvar-Hazy Center. So much fun.

Travel With Kids - including free printable packing list

There is one thing that I don’t like about traveling. Trying to remember all that stuff especially the little things like medications and toiletries. I’m notorious for forgetting something every trip. Like the time (or two?) I forgot to pack deodorant for myself. True story and that was before I had kids to pack for as well! I’ve learned to leave deodorant in my toiletry bag so that doesn’t happen again. Another trip I forgot to pack underwear for my son. Seriously. Guess who got a “souvenir” package that trip? 😉

Having a second child only led to me feeling more crazed as I tried to pack for our adventures and remember all the other things we suddenly needed again like bibs and sippy cups. Not to mention 2 sets of clothes, shoes, special toys/loveys, etc.

Travel with Kids: Packing

>> Download your own copy of our Travel Packing List printable here. <<

A few times I scribbled a basic list just prior to a trip, but, in my haste, continued to leave something off. Such as the kids’ toothpaste. This may seem like a “little” thing, but not so to your child when he tries to use adult mint flavored toothpaste and then gets worked up because it “burns.” Not the memories we want to be making when we’re on vacation. On the plus side, I didn’t forget his toothbrush on that particular trip so at least we were able to still brush his teeth. We just didn’t use any paste after our one mishap.

Finally, I realized it was time for a new method to my packing madness. I sat down and wrote out a thorough list to help prevent these sorts of mistakes in the future. I then typed it up to create a simple, printable sheet I can use every trip. It contains all of the basics we typically pack with space to add anything else that comes to mind. I print a copy for my husband and I to check off as we gather the kids’ belongings. This takes the mystery out of what has been packed and what hasn’t as we’re loading the car to prepare to leave.

Travel with Kids Packing List detail

Now, the only thing left for us to remember is to follow our typical bedtime routine when we’re not at home. This keeps the kids in better spirits and helps to make sure we don’t overlook important things like brushing their teeth because cavities don’t take a vacation.

How do you stay organized for family vacations?

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