Potty Training: Lessons Learned plus Free Printable Chart

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My oldest was 20 months old when he threw a meltdown of epic proportions because I wouldn’t let him use the toilet. Being a first time parent, I had not expected potty training to start so early and certainly not so dramatically. I thought if we started around age 3 we were doing good. He wasn’t even 2. How was it possible we were at this stage? Needless to say, I was completely unprepared. I learned a lot from that first experience and, while I didn’t expect an early start again, I was much more prepared when it happened thanks to the lessons he taught me.

Potty Training Lessons Learned plus a free printable chart

Patience is Key

This covers so much from the simple fact starting potty training and transitioning to underwear isn’t an overnight process to the many, many hours spent sitting in a bathroom reading books to your toddler. My kids love reading in general, but they both have this extra special attachment to reading in the bathroom during potty training. To the point I can’t get back up from sitting on the floor criss-cross applesauce in front of them and my voice is hoarse.

Potty Training with Pampers® Easy Ups™

Positivity and Encouragement

You can’t shower a toddler with enough praises when they succeed in potty training. Even if it’s the tiniest success such as just telling you they need to go. Perhaps that moment ends in the diaper versus the toilet, but they have succeeded in hearing their body and understanding what it’s telling them.

With my son we had a small jar of candy in the bathroom and he’d get a piece with each success made in the toilet. As well as verbal cheering and “great job!” We haven’t started using candy yet this time, but we have started a potty chart again. These have been hits both times. Thankfully the love of stickers is still strong with toddlers making this a simple, easy reward.

Toddler adding stickers to Potty Training Chart

>> Download your own copy of our printable Potty Training Chart here. <<


The toddler “I did it!” phase and desire to master basic skills on their own is real. From getting dressed to using the potty, they want to be independent and do these things. Having the right tools helps. Since we spend much of our day downstairs, our half bathroom is outfitted with items to help with potty training. We have a potty seat beside the toilet so our daughter can get on and off by herself. There is a step stool in front of the sink so she can easily wash her own hands afterwards.

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We also keep a fresh supply of Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear handy. Unlike diapers, Easy Ups feel more like underwear and feature a 360° stretchy waistband making it easy for toddlers to learn to pull them up and down – enabling a bit more of that independence.

Pampers® Easy Ups™ 360° Stretchy Waistband

We used and loved Easy Ups with our son, but they are even better now with the new design. I really appreciate the Extra Absorb Channels™ and Dual Leak-Guard Barriers™ which help absorb and prevent leaks when accidents do happen. A little extra reassurance (and less clean up duty) for parents during this transition.

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At the end, the most important lesson I’ve learned through our potty training adventures is each child is different and will succeed in their own time.

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36 comments on “Potty Training: Lessons Learned plus Free Printable Chart

  1. My boy was remarkably easy to potty train. I am not looking forward to training my daughter in a couple of years! His daycare was a huge help - I think his daycare provider really pushed for it more than we did. :)
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  3. My best potty training tip, do not try to force the issue. All children are different and it goes much easier when they are ready. :)
  4. A potty training tip I think that’s important is having a good reward system that really excites your child. My oldest grandson loved earning 1 M&M for each potty success and it kept him motivated.
  5. I've also known some moms who use a sticker calendar with some major rewards for achieving a milestone (like x times successfully in the toilet or no more than y accidents in a month or so). One mom I know has got a Doc McStuffins toy kit for her kiddo waiting on the mantle so it's a reminder of the reward waiting at the end of the month. I have no idea if it's a recommended strategy for potty training, but it sounded like a good idea to me.
  6. Start potty training at a time when you do not have a lot else going on. Potty training needs your attention and it is less stressful on the child.
  7. We have books by the potty chair, and many times through the day go and read a book in hopes that something will happen. He loves listening to stories, so he always wants to go and sit and listen to a book!
  8. My oldest was a late potty trainer (still under 3) but that was 5 years ago now so I feel like I have forgotten everything now that my youngest is showing signs that he wants to use the potty and he's not quite a year! Thanks for posting, these tips should be helpful!
  9. The only tip I really have is to watch your child for signs that they are ready to potty train. My son was ready months after my daughter was. I struggled with him but he eventually did it when HE was ready.

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