Project 52 Photos: Week 38 – Fall Soccer

Our Friday nights and Saturday mornings the past 2 months have been spent on the field playing fall soccer. It’s the first year our son has played a team sport and he’s loving it. I’m really enjoying watching him play and learn. He’s definitely made a lot of improvements. The entire team has and it’s shown in their games (undefeated so far!).

Project 52 Photos 2016: Fall Soccer

This week we’ll have a week off before finishing out the season at the end of October. Although we’ll miss it, I am looking forward to having a free Saturday for the first time since the beginning of August and getting family photos taken. We still have a large print of just the 3 of us in the foyer. Beyond time to update that seeing as mid-October we’ll be celebrating E’s 2nd birthday! Time to get a photo of the 4 of us hanging.

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