Friday Freebie: You’ve Been Boo-ed!

Last year one of our neighbors ‘boo-ed’ us. This was the first time we’d ever had it happen. I was a bit startled being at home and hearing a “thunk” on the front porch, but quickly started laughing once I realized we’d just been boo-ed. My son couldn’t wait to participate and ‘boo’ some neighborhood friends.

You've Been Boo-ed Tutorial with free Printable

Ready to ‘boo’ your neighbors? Here’s how:


  • Bags or treat buckets (i.e., something to “contain” all the stuff)
  • You’ve Been Boo-ed printable set
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape
  • Treats (stickers, candy, etc.)

You've Been Boo-ed Tutorial with free Printable


Step 1 Download our You’ve Been Boo-ed printable set. Print 2 copies of the instructions and “we’ve been BOO-ed” sign. Print 1 copy of the “you’ve been BOO-ed cards”. Cut out the cards.

(If you already have the sign & instructions from a previous year, you can download just the cards here.)

Step 2 Select your bags. Use washi tape to adhere one of the Boo-ed cards to each bag. They don’t have to be perfect. A little angle adds to the fun.

You've Been Boo-ed Tutorial with free Printable

Step 3 Fill with treats! We chose to include some cute Halloween themed notepads, pencil toppers, stickers, glow-in-the-dark skeletons, and fun sized candies. The latter I was cautious to choose something that was nut free since one of my son’s friends we were boo-ing has a peanut allergy.

You've Been Boo-ed Tutorial with free Printable

Step 4 Add a copy of the instructions plus “we’ve been BOO-ed” sign.

You've Been Boo-ed Tutorial with free Printable

Step 5 Take your bags and sneakily “boo” your neighbors by leaving a bag on their front porch.

Happy BOO-ing!


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