Potty Training Must Haves for Road Trips

With the holiday season comes family travel which, honestly, can be a bit stressful when you have a potty training toddler in the mix. Or even a slightly older child. I still laugh at the memory of my dad relaying a story to me about when my sister & I were little and had the need to stop with no restroom close by. Thankfully, he kept a small potty in the trunk for moments like this. He had pulled over for such a situation when a highway patrolman stopped behind him and came up to see if there was a problem. My father explained the situation, the patrolman had a laugh and wished him well. Now it’s my turn to find ways to juggle those “I gotta go!” moments during a road trip. Thankfully, there are more options today to help make these situations even easier.

Potty Training Must Haves for Road Trips

Travel Folding Potty Seat

I might have considered a folding potty seat a bit unnecessary or over the top had it not been one of our most used potty training items the first time around. It’s challenging enough to help hold your child on the toilet in the best of circumstances, but in a public restroom? Besides the ick factor, unless you luck up and get the accessible stall, chances are you and your toddler can barely fit in there. This simple item folds up compactly and stores in the bag it was packaged in until your next use. Stash in the diaper bag or leave in the back of car.

TIP: some travel potty options also convert to a seat only option so they can be used standalone or in place of a folding seat in a public restroom.

Pampers® Easy Ups™

Accidents happen especially in the early days of potty training. No matter how skilled your little one may seem, the simple change in routine of being in a car for an extended period and/or lack of spots to stop may result in slip ups. Put on Pampers Easy Ups at the start of the trip. Your little one will still have the independence and freedom during stops to use the potty; and you’ll still have a safeguard against those oops moments.

We’ve trusted Pampers products with both our kids and the new design of the Easy Ups make them even better than before. They are softer and have a more flexible waistband allowing for a comfortable fit & feel similar to underwear. Plus they are super absorbent which makes them great for everyday use as well as during road trips. Be sure to grab a coupon to save a little on your next purchase.


Just because your child is mostly out of diapers doesn’t mean that wipes aren’t still useful on occasion. Keep a small travel pack in your car for quick cleaning of hands, the potty seat, and, of course, the tush.


I put this in one of those lucky items I purchased as a first time parent. This simple pad fits into your car seat beneath your child’s bottom. The idea is to protect the seat in case of diaper leaks. It has saved us on several occasions. It’s far easier to remove this pad to wash than have to take apart the car seat. I keep a spare in the trunk so we’re ready with a replacement on hand when needed. This is one of those baby items that functions well from newborn blowouts through toddler/preschooler potty training days and a bit beyond.

>> Don’t forget to grab a copy of our printable potty training chart! <<

What’s your “must have” when traveling with your potty training toddler?

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4 comments on “Potty Training Must Haves for Road Trips

  1. The potty in the car is a smart idea for girls. Potty training boys can be a pain, but the silver lining is peeing on the side of the road or sometimes in an empty water bottle. When my boys were younger, I made them wear pull-ups for the just in case we can't stop moments. I still keep a package of wipes in my front console for messes.
    • I don't think I'll ever quit carrying wipes - always a reason. And, yes, boys are easier in that respect. There have been a number of roadside shrubs hit as well as those in our own backyard! ;) This time around we're going to have to carry a potty as well.

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