Project 52 Photos: Week 46 – Owl Butterfly

The kids & I visited the Museum of Life + Science in Durham this past Wednesday morning. We spent most of our time outdoors with the exception of a stop at the Butterfly House. It is always one of my favorites spots at the Museum – there is something so peaceful just watching these gorgeous creatures. My son gets credit for spotting this Owl Butterfly hanging out on a low leaf right over the path:

Project 52 Photos 2016: Owl Butterfly

If he hadn’t spotted it, I probably would have walked right past. Interesting how easily we can miss beauty right in front of us. Thankfully, the butterfly stuck around long enough for me to take several photos and for the kids to get a close look. Especially a curious toddler who, surprisingly, resisted the urge to “pet” it.

Have you noticed a bit of natural beauty hiding in plain sight recently?

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