Project 52 Photos: Week 47 – Cousins

So thankful for a lot of blessings this past week – especially time with family. One of the joys of the past couple of days was seeing my nephew. He is just 6 months younger than my daughter and they were the cutest together. There were moments of fun, moments of fussing (sharing is a challenge for toddlers 😉 ), and moments of pure sweetness between these two cousins.

Project 52 Photos 2016: Cousins

Oh to have been able to read their minds at moments like this! Both enjoying looking out the window at the (closed) pool, the pond, the geese. A few exchanges in “toddler-ese” were made. They seemed to understand each other but I haven’t a clue what was said!

Nonetheless, so grateful. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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