Simple Autumn Leaf Painting Craft

As we collected items for our recent Nature Pal Exchange, I was trying to think of a new way to experience them. Especially from the toddler perspective. Thus, the two of us spent an afternoon collecting leaves and acorns in our backyard to paint with.

Leaf Painting Craft

This is a super simple art project to try with your kids (or by yourself!). Here’s how:


  • Thick paper (we used watercolor paper)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Leaves
  • Paints and brushes

Leaf Painting: Supplies


Step 1 Roll small pieces of tape and stick to back of leaves. Adhere leaves to paper in desired location. We chose to scatter ours around.

Step 2 Paint over the leaves using as many colors as you’d like. For an autumn feel, you might use only reds & yellows.

Leaf Painting Craft

I let my daughter choose the colors and the result was a bit of a rainbow as red, yellow, and blue were painted on and overlapped.

Step 3 Let painting fully dry. Then remove the leaves to reveal image.

Leaf Painting Craft

Enjoy your completed artwork! Hang it on the fridge, frame it, send it to a grandparent – the options are limitless. After taking photos, we¬†cut ours up to create the cover to a nature photo album to share with exchange pals. I’ve held onto a few scraps to trim into bookmarks. They are too pretty to toss.

Looking for more nature inspired crafts? Take a look at our Christmas nature ornaments.

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