Preparing for Holiday Guests

‘Tis the season for holiday guests. We’re doing a little last minute preparation to get our home ready for family to celebrate Christmas with us.

Guest Room

When we were working through our “must haves” list before selling our first house, I knew I wanted at least 4 bedrooms so we could have a dedicated guest room. Admittedly, it’s also been a bit of a catchall space when it’s just the 4 of us here so I’ve been working over the past month to tidy up and finally paint the walls.

Guest Room: Fresh Paint

The bed has been remade in fresh linens and stacked with pillows giving options for comfort. I hung a piece of artwork over the dresser featuring our WiFi password so our family can easily connect their devices at any time and made sure several outlets were in clear view (and accessible) for easy charging. The room also has our only other television in the house plus a satellite box with DVR allowing guests to watch programming of their choice.


The upstairs hall bathroom is used daily by the kids so it got a good solid cleaning from top to bottom. I also easily gave the floors a thorough cleaning & sanitizing with our Shark Genius Steam Mop.

Shark Genius Mop Cleaning Hall Bathroom Floor

This simple mop has made cleaning the hard floors in our house even easier. Just add water, plug in, and select the appropriate setting. It glides across the floor and pivots into tight spaces almost as easily as our Shark Rotator vacuum. When I’m done, a quick push of the pad release button and I can drop off the cleaning pad into the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Once the bathroom cleaning was complete, my little assistant helped me do a quick double check that we’re stocked with basic supplies in the under sink cabinet including extra toilet paper and assorted toiletries. I store a mix of travel toiletries in a 3-drawer organizer sorted by type (toothbrushes, paste & floss; soaps & shampoos; lotions) so our guests can find what they need easily.

Bathroom Toiletries Organization

Food & Drinks

Knowing your guests likes & dislikes plus any special dietary restrictions is always a plus. It shows you care. One detail we’ve found quite often regardless who visits – a difference in coffee preference. I’ll be the first to admit we generally like our coffee a lot weaker than our guests. Luckily, this is no longer an issue thanks to the Ninja Coffee Bar System.

Ninja Coffee Bar System #sharkninja #ad

Now, we can brew something for everyone’s taste from a cup to a carafe. We can even create speciality and iced coffees. The only challenge left is deciding what to make!

How do you prepare your home for holiday guests?

Disclosure: I received the Shark Genius Steam Mop and Ninja Coffee Bar complimentary from Shark Ninja for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

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