Project 52 Photos: Week 1 – Snow Day

Our first snow day of 2017 came early in the year! The forecast at the start of the week hinted at snow, but I didn’t pay it too much attention because it’s a rare thing here. As the week progressed though, I couldn’t ignore it especially when the forecast changed to a potential of 5-7″ of snow! Snow! Not ice. For our area of North Carolina, that would be amazing.

But, the weather is a tricky thing and, in typical central NC fashion (and exactly as it did in January last year), we woke up to find something completely different. The world was white and cold, but it was more sleet than anything with a dusting of snow. It did snow as the morning when on. Real, legit snowflakes. No more sleet thank goodness. But we didn’t get anywhere close to the wild prediction. My southern babies though? They loved it and were pleased regardless.

Project 52 Photos 2017: Snow Day

We spent a couple hours in the morning and late afternoon playing, sledding, and making snow angels. The only disappointment? So far no snowman. The snow is just too dry to build one. The boys did manage to build a fort of sorts at the base of the stairs after shoveling them. So there is that success. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll have better luck.

What are you up to this first weekend of 2017?

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