Project 52 Photos: Week 2 – Snow Day Cookies

While looking for indoor entertainment during our “snowpocalypse” earlier in the week, I remembered the package of sugar cookie mix I bought last month but failed to use. Scratch the Christmas cookies. We made snow day cookies.

Project 52 Photos 2017: Cookie Fun

I kept it simple and followed the directions (with my little helpers) to create the mix for drop cookies. Then they helped me scoop the balls of dough onto the tray. I handled all the oven and hot pan parts. Once cooled, I gave each of the kids an iced cookie on a plate with several topping options. They have fun decorating their cookies.

Project 52 Photos 2017: Cookie Fun

Surprisingly, only my son enjoyed eating one! I think his sister was a little unsure about the icing. She had me hold her cookie while she tried a couple of small bites and then pushed it away telling me “all done.” She has, however, enjoyed a few plain sugar cookies since.

What’s your favorite snow day activity?

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